Atlas Snow Shoes in Backpacker, Outside and Women’s Fitness

Atlas 10 Series Trail | Backpacker Fall/Winter Gear Guide
“These all-arounders excel on rolling hills and meadows – the type of terrain where most snowshoe trails are found. The broad oval frames maxmize flotation, and the slight tail taper makes them easy to maneuver. They also handle moderately steep terrain confidently; the sharp steel crampons dig into ice and heavy crust, and angled heel cleats provide firm lateral grip and prevent heel slip. The men’s version provides adequate flotation in all but the deepest snow. The women’s version (called the Elektra) is slightly undersized at the smaller end of the range (23 inches), making it best for more compact snow. The binding’s webbing straps securely held boots and caused no pressure or pinch points. When the webbing gets wet in slushy conditions, however, the plastic buckles on the bindings are somewhat difficult to release.”

Atlas Elektra 10 Series | Outside 2010 Buyer’s Guide
“Testers loved the no-brainer binding on this aggressively cramponed shoe. It positions your boots in the snowshoe perfectly every time, and with one pull you’re in – no fiddling with toe and heel adjusters required”

atlas_0910_e9Women’s Fitness Magazine | Nov/Dec 2009
“How about a snowshoe for a newbie that aren’t too clunky? – Elektra 9 Series Snowshoe Kit”

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