The Bus: Your Other Set of Wheels

We use Gmail here at Pemba Serves.

It is actually pretty great for small businesses, and seems to be gaining traction. (Word to the wise, you really need to get your own domain name; probably isn’t the best way to go.)

Anyway, because it is free/inexpensive, we do have those ticker-tape ads shoot across the top panel. Honestly, most of the time I don’t even notice they are there, and when I do it’s usually for some mountaineering guide service or links to vendors and retailers in the outdoor industry.

One advertisement did catch my eye today, for: – the Southeast Wisconsin Transit System. I suppose we have been talking too much about #carfreereps, and Google’s search algorithms are catching on! I spent some time on their site and it is a great relief that more and more people are starting to seriously consider transportation alternatives. Bus-commuter John shares his reasons for riding the Ozaukee County Express in a short video:

Saves me gas money, parking money. And then it saves me time. I enjoy reading the newspaper and that’s the time I have to do that… there are people working on computers, on their iPods. I have an opportunity to do things that otherwise I’d be sitting behind the steering wheel driving. Actually I view the people who ride the bus everyday as personal heros of mine.

Nice, John. You’re my personal hero too.

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