Video: “Boots on the Ground: Real People Getting Things Done with Social Media”

Description: “Boots on the Ground” is the first of a series of “unofficial” social media panel discussions with key influencers in the outdoor adventure community. The moderated discussion will focus on real-life case studies that have created incredible connections and opportunities for individuals that showcase the true power social media. Panelists will share their experiences — what has worked and not worked — how to use it correctly and the backlash when a brand lacks authenticity.

What makes this session different? It’s been organized and promoted utilizing nothing more than the social media channels that many in the outdoor adventure community are currently using to make connections. And it was organized one week prior to the event. It’s an experiement. Let’s see if it works.

Elizabeth Castro, @eliz_castro, O’Malley Hansen Communications, communications lead for Expedition Hanesbrands

Panelists include:
– Sara Lingafelter, Waypoint Outdoor (AKA @theclimbergirl)
– Brad Werntz, Pemba Serves @pembaserves
– Darren Bush, Rutabaga ,@canoelover
– Paul Kirwin, @paulkirwin founder Channel Signal, Kirwin Communications
– Steph Davis, @highsteph Professional Athlete and Brand Ambassador
– Travis Turner, @wude72 ExplorersWeb

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