Okay – yeah – we get wild hares sometimes that we just gotta chase. This is one of these. Bear with us…

It’s spring, when young lads and lasses fancies turn to…PLANTS? Yep, plants. We like plants and we bet you do, too. Our goal here is to get some plants in the ground where once there were none. So…

Introducing PEMBAgarten, our own little urban renewal project. Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a neglected spot of urban landscape.
  2. By whatever means available, by whatever methods necessary, beautify it with locally native plants. (For reference only, check this out…)
  3. Take before and after pics or create a project video and post them to our PEMBAgarten Flickr group.
  4. Geo-Tag your garden with FourSquare or Gowalla (or any other similar service) so we can share your work with the world – and maybe we’ll share the prize-love with folks who stop by.

On May 31st, we’ll take a look at the pictures you all have posted, and the BEST EXAMPLE (by our as-of-yet-undefined criteria) of urban beautification using native plants will be rewarded with a Mountain Hardwear Lightpath 3 Tent.

NOTE: We may decide to give away other prizes, too. (You never know; we’re random like that sometimes…)

So, grab your rakes and shovels, get some seeds and some plants, and get digging. Spring has sprung.

What are you waiting for?

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