For some time now, we’ve been exploring what it means for us – as a business and as individuals – to use our cars less and our bikes (and other forms of transportation) more.

We call this little side project #carfreereps. We chronicle our adventures via bike, bus, train, skateboard, and foot in real time on Twitter, and post pics to Flickr, too. While this has all been fun and novel, it’s had other more tangible results, also. By ditching our cars whenever possible, we’ve discovered that we save time and money, we make better connections with our customers, and also have more fun while we travel.

This is all important because – you know – we travel a lot.

Inspired by our friend Mattie who recently joined us in carfree living, we’ve decided to make it easier and/or more fun for others to join us too. So, in honor of National Bike Month and the anniversary of the date I ditched my car for good, we’ve cooked up a little incentive program.

Introducing #carfreeme. It’s so dead-simple you’ve just got to love it. Here’s how it works:

1) If you haven’t already done so, join Twitter. (It would also be a good idea to follow us…)

2) Ditch your car. Use a bike, bus, train, skateboard, boat, a set of skis – whatever inspires you – to get to and from work, home, and errands in your daily life.

3) Tell us about it on Twitter. Just reply to us, and put “#carfreeme” in the post with how many carfree miles you logged, and how. (Be sure to put the “+” sign in front of the number of miles…) It should look something like this:

4) Post pics of your efforts onto the #carfreeme Flickr group, if you’re so inclined.

It’s just that simple, on your end.

Here’s where we get involved: We’ve partnered with the good guys behind the Twitter-based pull-up training program TeamPUP. With the help of their awesome code, we’ll compile:

  1. How many carfree miles we aggregate as a group each day, week, and month.
  2. Who commuted the longest distance in a given week and month.
  3. Who’s commuted the most miles total.
  4. Who has commuted the most times.

Oh, and just to sweeten this a bit, we here at Pemba will also be giving out prizes from our quiver of brands, every so often.

How do you win a prize? That’s simple: Inspire us.

Get our attention by going the furthest, compiling the most, doing it most often, or just by posting an out-there pic in the Car Free Me Flickr group, and you may – just may – get the call. (Well, the DM, actually…)

So what are you waiting for? You got a car to ditch, right?

(Here’s to #carfreeme becoming #carfreeYOU…)

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