Eric Larsen’s Save the Poles Expedition | Atlas Snowshoes

In November 2009 Polar explorer Eric Larsen began the Save the Poles Expedition a first-ever journey to the South Pole, North Pole and summit of Mt. Everest in a continuous 365-day period. His purpose? To travel to the “front lines” of global warming to document the changes occurring in these last great frozen places.

“This expedition will tell the story of these remote places so we can better understand how our actions affect the poles and ultimately the planet,” Larsen says. “We all need to be reminded that we must act now to stop global warming.”

Eric and his team were using Atlas 12 Series snowshoes to cover the incredibly challenging and always-changing icescape of the North Pole. The trip has generated a lot of content for Atlas Snowshoes news and social media, and we are just now beginning to see the greater wealth of images, video, and more. Eric’s presence will be integrated into a number of consumer-facing pieces this summer and fall, and integrated into the tradeshows in the winter.

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