Update: #carfreeme GROUPS and PROMOTIONS!

Y’all asked, and we answered: #carfreeme now aggregates data for groups!

How do you do it? Simple: Just come up with a consistent hash-tag for your group (ours might be “#pemba,” for instance…), and just add that to your normal reporting on Twitter. Are you new to all of this and don’t know how to do that? Well, just check out the original #carfreeme post here on our blog.

Here’s what a typical tweet might look like:

This little upgrade means that you and your posse can now challenge other groups for #carfreeme bragging rights and prizes. For instance, for our retail partners (folks who buy stuff from us), we’ll send pizza to your staff if you’re the top group for the month. And, even if you don’t win stuff, isn’t it a lot of fun to know that you really are doing more #carfreeme commuting miles than that crew over there?

Don’t have a group? Make one! You don’t even have to be in the same state to be a group. For that matter: Who’s up for a game of #girls against #boys? Possibilities are limitless, so let’s get on it.

Meanwhile, for such a simple little thing, this #carfreeme idea is sure taking on a life of its own. We have several retailers who are using #carfreeme as sales and advocacy promotions at their stores. (Naturally, we’re trying to make this easy on our end. Interested? Call us!)

We’ve also got some other stuff in the works that we just can’t quite announce yet. Stay tuned. We’re going places with this, in a #carfreeme way, of course.

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