Shop Staff on PETZL | Skip the candles go for an e+LITE

Here on we’ll be running some reviews on what shop staff have to say about their favorite products from our brands. Work in our territory and have something to say about our gear? Contact us and we’ll share the Special Details.


My e+LITE has seen me through many camping trips.  However, when the power went out at my house, I went straight for e+LITE and skipped the candles. The e+LITE is super compact and I also bring it along with me while trail riding.  The two flashing modes are a great safety feature and for the price, it’s worth it to have one for the house, the car, and in an emergency kit.  The model I have doesn’t have the long-range whistle so it looks like I’ll be purchasing another one in the near future!

Moosejaw Mountaineering

Has your e+LITE come through in an emergency? Tell us how in the comments!

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