The PEMBAway: Everybody Poops

The next installment in our continuing series in advance of our OIA Webinar on August 18th, in which we discuss the idea that – yeah – everybody poops, even us. And, all poop is smelly.

It would be easy to think that because we’re putting some of our methods out there we think that we’re Teflon, stainless, and – que veut dire en francais? – “Parfait.” We know this isn’t true. We get up in the morning, get dressed, have breakfast, and go to work hoping for a good day, just like everybody else.

Most days, we have good days. Some days we have great days, even. And from time to time some days are not so good. This is pretty much like anybody else.

We have different methods because they work for us, but not because we think that they’re better than other methods. There’s a lot of ways to do the job of being a sales rep in the #OIBIZ. As with everybody else, our goal is to provide awesome sales for our vendors and awesome service for our customers. We’ve chosen our ways because they help us to grow our business without – necessarily – driving ourselves (or our families) nuts.

Every model has its strengths and weaknesses, and the PEMBAway is no different. Before we get into the details of the model in subsequent posts, I wanted to be sure we put this out there: EVERYBODY POOPS.

Like everybody else – any business model out there – we smell it up from time to time. We drop balls, miss deadlines, lose e-mails, forget to follow-up, have bad hair days, and get people upset. While we don’t do any of these things very often, they happen about as often as they do elsewhere. It’s no fun for anybody, and less so for us. We take what we do seriously and don’t like to stink up the room.

But we do, sometimes. In fact, sometimes we do so spectacularly.

As we’ll discuss later, we like to compare our structure to the Triangle Offense in basketball. This particular style of play isn’t done very often, and often it isn’t done very well. Even when it’s done exceptionally well, there are times in every game where it goes wrong in ways that make the highlight reels: No-look bounce-passes go to people who aren’t there, alley-oops bounce off the backboard instead of going into the shooter’s hands, and – sometimes – it looks as if half the players just stand around watching the other guys play.

These things happen here, too.

Further, because we’re different, we’re held to different standards. First, we’re “fixable.” When things aren’t going well – as happens in any business – it’s easy to challenge the model. Second, when we make a poop and things get stinky, we’re often reminded quickly that “See, you guys can stink it up.” And – yes – we know.

So, as we transition from concrete methods to abstract ideas in our PEMBAway posts, this seemed to be a good time to say it out loud: We’re not perfect, we make mistakes, and we sweat and grunt and worry like everybody else. And sometimes we singe everybody’s eyelashes and burn nose-hairs.

It happens.

And when it does, we clean up as fast and as well as we can, get up the next morning, and try to be awesome, again.

The whys and ways that we pursue “awesome,” that’s what we’ll be discussing, next.

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