Family Saves Caving Tour with PETZL Headlamps

Perfect for family adventures the PETZL TIKKINA² retails for $19.95

Here’s a great customer letter recently received at PETZL Headquarters

Just a quick note to let you know of a situation where Petzl saved the day.  My family and I were going through Lewis and Clark Caverns in Montana last week with about 28 other people.  They had electric lights that went down through the cave and allowed the visitors to see the amazing cave formations.  At the halfway point in the cave, and unknown to us, a huge thunderstorm swept through and took out the power so we were all thrown into darkness.  The park ranger who was leading us had one, wimpy Mag-lite and it became obvious that we were going to be stuck for sometime.

People started to panic but then we pulled out our Petzl headlamps.  With the four of our headlamps, my kids (8 and 12), my wife, and I were able to lead the group out.  The ranger was very thankful (and a bit embarrassed) and we received a standing ovation.  One thankful person even gave us a pound of coffee in the parking lot!

Anyway, we wanted to share our story with you.

Love your products!


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