The PEMBAway: The Evolving Role of the Independent Rep

Brad presented his OIA / Outdoor University Webinar yesterday, The Evolving Role of the Independent Rep. For those who are interested, here are the slides.

(If you want to hear a recording of the presentation, follow the instructions, below…)

Brad was honored and humbled to have been asked to present, and really sweated over the content. It went pretty well, we’re thinking.

Attendance exceeded expectations and there were some really excellent questions. Though Brad went a bit long (the blabbermouth), just about everybody held in there until the bitter end. Thanks for all of those who attended and contributed to the discussion.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, feel free to leave a comment. Brad reads ’em – we gather – and we’re pretty sure he’ll respond.

Contact events [at] for the link to the recording.
Outdoor University webinars are free to OIA members and SNEWS subscribers and $99 for non members.

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