Atlas Elektra 1023 Snowshoe Review by Cupcake Mafia

I have a secret. It’s not a dark secret. I will probably tell you after a couple cups of Chai or if asked directly but I don’t usually offer this up. I live in Colorado, I am a native, and I have never skied or tried snowboarding. I am not saying I will never try either of these winter sports but here’s the thing…I love snowshoeing. Not only is it easy and fairly inexpensive but it’s a lot of fun and you burn serious calories while enjoying the sun and the snow.

This season I was fortunate to try out a new pair of women-specific snowshoes from Atlas, The Elektra 1023. When I first opened up the box I was impressed with the compact design but a little intimidated by the foot bindings. It looked like a lot of webbing and maybe a bit complicated. I was wrong.

The Wrapp binding system is designed brilliantly. These shoes are much easier to get in and out than other shoes I have tried and so much easier to adjust right where you need to. Once they’re initially set-up all you need is one little pull and you’re ready to go. This is a great feature for trails I hit. Often times you’re hiking in on well-packed snow where snowshoes aren’t needed, but once you get to the powder you want to get the shoes on quickly and while standing. The Wrapp system is easy to navigate while standing, huge plus!

When I got them out on the snow it took me a little while to get used to the low profile. I am used to having to space my steps out a bit, basically waddling, in snowshoes. The V-shaped frame didn’t require the waddle. After awhile I was used to being able to walk in a fairly normal stride. Then I noticed how great the suspension system felt. A lot of suspension systems articulate front-to-back, in the Elektra’s it felt like my foot was almost floating above the snowshoes. I was able to easily step front-to-back, side-to-side, and in diagonal direction without feeling limited movement. I tested these in the Denver Foothills area so the incline wasn’t terribly steep but it was an obvious upward movement. The full range of motion made the shoes great for going up inclines as well. The crampons felt very secure in the snow but still easy to move the shoes about.

Overall, I think it’s easy to say these are my favorite snowshoes. I loved snowshoeing before but these shoes have really made it so much easier and more comfortable. With gear like this I don’t think it will ever be necessary for me to consider snowboarding or skiing (I will deny having ever said that).

If you’re a woman considering a pair for yourself or thinking about snowshoes as a gift for the gal in your life I highly recommend, no I INSIST, you look at the Atlas Elektra 10 Series shoes, or their other women’s shoes.


Tali Koziol is a Colorado native living in Denver. In addition to managing her father’s business she serves is in yoga teacher training and an volunteer with The Women’s Wilderness Institute. Tali loves cycling, climbing, hiking, and camping. She also enjoys connecting people with the outdoors and new activies and promotes her passion via her blog Cupcake Mafia.


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