Commuter Therapy

I was in a cruddy mood yesterday, until I got on my bike.

It was snowing here in Madison, and while I was out running errands I was reminded of the simple joys of being outside. Normally, by this time of the season I’ve been out each day taking the kids to and from daycare, at least. But the youngest is in kindergarten, and that means he rides the bus along with his older sister. And their oldest sister can’t commute by bike from our house. (Or bus, for that matter, but that’s another story.)

And I’ve been traveling, a LOT. So today was my first time outside on the bike in the thick of winter weather. Here’s what I remembered:

  • Snow on my face makes me feel alive.
  • The sound of studded tires in the snow makes me smile.
  • No matter how cold it gets, it’s never all that cold.
  • Simple challenges – like staying upright on a moving bicycle in fresh snow and old ice – are engaging, and they bring focus by pushing all else out of the mind.
  • Winter cycling really is a better way to get around; just ask all the cars I left behind.

I stopped in a median to take a picture of the two-mile long traffic jam I rode beside. I was home a lot quicker than any of those poor suckers stuck in their cars.

And that made me feel better, too.

(Oh yeah, I’m not above feeling a little smug from time to time…)

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