PETZL TIKKINA Headlamps Saved Our Yurt

The following is an email PETZL America received from a couple in Canada.

Dear People at Petzl:

I would like to thank you. Yesterday we received our TIKKINA² headlamps in the mail. They were simply intended to be worn journeying between our new yurt and the main cabin. Last night as a windstorm with driving rain hit and the not yet fully lashed down roof of our brand new yurt began to blow away I can hardly express our happiness that you include batteries with the headlamps. Two hours later as we were finishing our emergency tie downs we were really happy that you include good batteries with your headlamps.

I’ve only ever owned fairly large and bulky headlamps with specialty batteries prior to this, now I think I’ll order a few more TIKKINA² and stash them all over our island: in coat pockets, on the boat, in all the places you find yourself without a light after 4pm on a winter’s evening.

So thank you for helping us save our yurt, our hands and our evening.

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