ClimbingNarc Review: PETZL Nomad 9.8mm Rope

Over the past few months I’ve been testing out a 70m Petzl Nomad 9.8mm rope on trips to Ten Sleep, WY and the Red River Gorge in Kentucky among other places.  This is my second Petzl rope, having used a previous version of the Nomad for a number of years now.  It’s a bit hard to make too many judgements based on only using the rope a couple dozen times, but I can offer these thoughts on the rope based on my use thus far.

  • The fact that the rope comes butterfly coiled from the factory makes it a breeze to use the first time.
  • The rope has a Duratec Dry treatment which I expected to make the rope have a slippery feel to it however it handled really well, even the first few times out of the box.
  • The rope feels light despite the 70m length.  For most sport climbs a 70m does seem a bit superfluous so I’m not sure it’s necessary unless you know you are going to be doing long sport or multipitch routes.
  • Having climbed on smaller ropes during this time (9.4 and even down to 9.1) I came to appreciate the added size of the 9.8.  This definitely felt like more of a workhorse rope than some of the floss thin ropes people are climbing on these days.
  • While I can’t say I’ve been able to use the rope enough to fully gauge its durability, if it’s anything like the previous Petzl rope we owned it is going to last a long time.

Overall I’ve been extremely pleased with this rope.  When Petzl first introduced their ropes a few years back I heard grumblings from some about their durability but I’ve had nothing but good experiences with both my Petzl ropes.  If you’re looking for a new cord the Petzl Nomad is definitely worth considering.


Brian Runnells has been climbing since 1999 and blogging about it since 2007 at

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