March Reviews: Adventure Medical Kits

Core Lite

Backpacker Gear Guide: SOL Hybrid 3 + Core Lite

“KILLER DEAL: More than just a mini-blade, the Core Lite is a multifaceted survival tool weighing just 1.4 ounces.”

“Get the SOL 3 Survival, Medical & Gear Repair pack, and you’re equipped for every emergency – not just splinters and blisters!”

SOL Hybrid 3

Field & Stream: SOL Hybrid 3

“There’s a thorough instruction manual, and it’s easily packable, considering how much it includes. Perfect for the hunter who wants to travel light.”


OUTDOORSmagic: I Will Survive… In A Box?

“We like it in an adult Action Man sort of way. It’s like one of those modular toys your used to get with lots of clever little plug-in bits – remember when plug-ins weren’t anything to do with computer software? – and it has no fewer than 62 life-saving tools and a neat little booklet on survival techniques by the beguilingly-named Buck Tilton.”

Toronto Star: Sewing kits, whistles and multipurpose tools

“The knife has an emergency whistle built into the handle. The lid of the case is also a mirror or emergency signal. Adventure Medical Kits markets this particular item under their survival brand dubbed SOL. It stands for Survive Outdoors Longer as well as the funny but less family friendly version of SOL. You know the one that starts with a word rhyming with Hit and ends with Out of Luck.” AMK’s Trauma Pak Review

“Now, while I’d love to be able to report that I have used all the items in the Trauma Pak and that they all work well, the truth of the matter is that I’m especially delighted that while I’ve carried the Trauma Pak with me on countless hikes, several bike rides and plenty of time generall out and about, I’ve experienced no wound or trauma that required me to tear open the package.”

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