March Reviews: PETZL

PETZL CORE Rechargeable Battery

The Seattle Times: For mountaineers, Petzl pushes the evolution of light

“While snowshoeing around Stevens Pass, I programmed the CORE battery to a steady (regulated) 70-percent output since a nearly full moon provided substantial light on the snow. At that setting, the battery threw a steady beam for nearly 12 hours — far longer than I needed for my night hike.”

Eco-Snobbery Sucks: The GENIUS of Petzl’s rechargeable CORE headlamp battery

“That, boys and girls, is evidence of a company that “gets it”. They understand that they can still sell a product but without furthering the e-waste dilemma by requiring consumers to ditch their non-rechargeable head lamps in favor of their new CORE headlamps.”

Urban Climber Magazine: Editor’s Choice GRIGRI 2 and Xion Rope

“It’s smaller and lighter and better at everything than the original Grigri.”

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