Remember “The Punisher” – The 200 Mile Man!

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Last year, we began working with a man who had a remarkable mission: To WIN the first ever organized 200 mile trail race, AND to raise enough money to fund 200 wheelchairs for injured soldiers returning from our wars. What a remarkable story Ryan Dexter has, and he’s looking to repeat it this year, too. The race is next week, so keep him in your thoughts, would you? Here’s how…


Last May, I competed in a 200 mile trail race in Pittsfield, Vermont: McNaughton Trail Run . In addition to winning the race, we also raised nearly $12,000 for the Free Wheelchair Mission – enough to donate 200 wheelchairs! I am going back next week to do it again on May 5th to defend the title and have an awesome crew of 10 to help me attempt to finish in under 48 hours.

The reason for this update is two-fold:

  1. I would love it if you could send positive thoughts and prayers to/for me during this event – the race starts Thursday evening at 6 PM Eastern Time, May 5, 2011. The course is a 10-mile loop through the Green Mountains. You can follow us during the event via TWITTER at @dexterpunisher.
  2. I am again trying to continue to raise money for the Free Wheelchair Mission. I have no fundraising goals to achieve – but wanted again to put it out there. I know that there are a lot of needs in this world, but if you are moved, inspired, or feel anything toward making someone’s life better by providing them with mobility please donate. Let’s see how many more lives’ we can change through these legs. You can donate securely online right here.

Ryan Dexter

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  1. avatar David Sweeney

    Local news story on Ryan:
    Verona Man Continues Mission Of Mobility