Petzl Ultra-Wide Headlamp: Turn Night Into Day

Want to see in the dark?  To turn night into day?  Then this is the headlamp for you.  The Petzl Ultra-Wide Headlamp illuminates one’s whole field of vision.  No more following a small beam of light through the night, trying to keep it trained exactly on the rocky ground in front of you.  This ultra-wide headlamp illuminates a very large field with its powerful beam and it’s durable enough to survive the most rugged expeditions.

First and foremost, the Petzl Ultra-Wide Headlamp is bright; coming equipped with four settings: 1) around-camp dim, 2) bright, 3) only-temporarily-blind-you bright and 4) what?-it’s-night-out? bright.  The nob which toggles between the four settings is large enough that even with heavy alpine gloves on it’s easy to rotate.  This is key for mountaineering and makes the headlamp very attractive for cold alpine and expedition climbs where the climber will be wearing large, warm gloves.

In addition to being ultra-bright, the Ultra-Wide Headlamp is also durable, has a long battery life has a detachable battery pack to lighten the load one carry’s on the head, and, as the name indicates, has a beam that covers a wide area.  This is no flimsy headlamp.  Petzl constructed it with some heft and a scratch resistant plastic in front of the 6 mega-watt bulbs.  The battery pack, which does weigh a bit for alpine climbing, is detachable from the back of the headlamp, so a climber could carry the battery on their shoulder instead of putting the strain on their neck.

The light body can be tilted 90 degrees; from pointing straight ahead to straight downward.  And again is easy to do so with large gloves on.  This is a great feature for when one needs to quickly shift from looking straight ahead to shining light on one’s body to fix a buckle or drink from a bladder to shining the headlamp back straight ahead.

The Ultra-Wide Headlamp is a workhorse, not necessarily designed for the ultra-light alpine climb where it’s all about minimalism and shaving ounces.  It’s not light-weight or small.  But would make an excellent headlamp for around basecamp or on climbs were weight is not an issue.

It will though take a beating and keep on shining brightly, helping you march up that mountain.   Short of it’s weight, this is one great headlamp.  And would be quite an asset on climbs where weight and size of gear is not a concern.


Buy the Petzl Ultra Wide online now,
or visit your local Petzl retailer to check it out.


Genevieve Hathaway is a journalist, osteo-archaeologist, world traveler, skier, avid ice climber, and alpinist. She is the founder, Editor and creative force behind Alpine Athena, a woman’s climbing magazine. Alpine Athena is a core-focused woman’s alpinism magazine dedicated to the woman climber. The publication strives to be the leading voice for the woman climber, whether she’s an alpinist, boulderer, rock climber, ice climber, or mountaineer. When not in the office, Genevieve can be found climbing mountains and peaks near her native Seattle, and frozen waterfalls in the Washington Cascades, in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, in Ouray, Colorado and as far away as South Korea. Genevieve chronicles her adventures in climbing and travel on her blogs, IceBella and ArchaeoAdventures.

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