Classic Pemba Serves

It’s summer time! If you’re not outside on adventures or maxxed out doing Spring 2012 previews maybe you’re inside watching reruns. Am I right?

Here are some of Pemba Serves’ classic posts from Brad, Bryan, Janice, Pete and Steve to keep you occupied and to get us back to work!

Lessons of Xegar
Brad Werntz

“We spent ten days in Xegar. Every day, we watched it rain, waiting. Prior to our sojourn in Xegar, we spent ten days crossing Tibet on muddy roads, over landslides, through floods. We expected our gear to be waiting for us in Xegar, as it was sent from Beijing before us. Instead, we waited in Xegar for our gear, for ten days.”


Rock Climbing Risk
Bryan Kuhn

“There are old climbers, and there are bold climbers, but few old, bold climbers. I don’t know who said this, I’ve heard it attributed to dozens of climbers, and I tend to think of it a general understanding of the sport and what to expect as you age into it.”


Our Chicks ROCK!
Janice Ellefson

“Rock Climbing? Yeah I’d thought about it – A LOT. Brad and Vera and Boulders are just a stone’s throw away. Steve, my coworker here at PEMBA, is OBSESSED. Between these three, I have climbing power-houses all around me and yet I had not taken the plunge. I had never climbed before, except for a few stints at Boulders. Well, suddenly an opportunity came my way that I couldn’t pass up!”


So…sea kayaking doesn’t suck
Pete Witucki

“Without debating if a six-hour drive to Lake Superior is a ‘local recreation area,’ I have discovered that not only does sea kayaking not suck – I could actually see myself getting into this.”


Son of the Irish
Steve Schultz

“I learned more about climbing, trying hard and so much else that afternoon climbing with this mystery man. He took me around the Buttermilks showing me classics, must do’s, what not to do’s and future projects for me. He insisted that I needed a tour and that he was the man to do it. Off we went.”

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