My PETZL GRIGRI 2 Recall Experience

Recalled Devices: serial number between 10326 and 11136

Recently Petzl had to recall the GriGri2 not long after it hit the market.  The new Petzl GriGri2, which was released earlier this year, is a new and improved version of the GriGri.  The new belay device is more compact and lighter than its predecessor, easily fitting into the palm of a hand.  Petzl also changed the design a little to allow for greater controlled descent, especially when a smaller person lowers someone who weighs much more than they do.  Petzl, women everywhere thank you.

A long-time fan of the original GriGri, I was excited when Petzl released this new device, and of course, had grand plans of putting it to the test over the summer.  I had already taken it out once to a local crag and was impressed with how well it handled slim ropes, big weight differentials between climber and belayer and how light and compact it was.  When I received the news of this recall, I went and checked my GriGri2.  My heart sunk.  It held the digits listed in the recall.  That meant the days of playing with my fabulous new belay device were numbered until the replacement arrived.  It was the start of summer and I had many great climbs on the books and fun cragging days coming up in which I had been looking forward to using the new slimmer, lighter GriGri2.  But, it would not be, at least not until the new GriGri2 arrived and I wasn’t sure how long that would take.

It wasn’t hard to find Petzl’s webpage devoted specifically to the recall. Petzl made it clear and posted links throughout social media channels and their website.  They had the specific phone numbers devoted to the recall process, a phone number for each country. I dialed the number for the US recall line, a voice message began giving me instructions on what information to leave.  No sooner had I hit “end call”, thought “I wonder when they’ll call back” than the phone rang, it was Jenny from Petzl.  Talk about fast service.  She took my details, had a shipping label to me in under 10 minutes. Painless.  Easy.  What triggers the new GriGri 2 shipment is the return of the old one. An important detail.  So the sooner one drops off the old GriGri2 at UPS the sooner the replacement will arrive.  Once the recalled belay device arrived at Petzl, my new GriGri 2 was on my doorstep in a matter of days.  Pretty good for a company juggling thousands of recalled GriGri2s.

Petzl doesn’t just make great hardware, they also have excellent customer service.  I know when I buy a Petzl product that if there’s anything wrong with it, if there’s a recall, I’m taken care of.  Recalls are never fun and can often be a headache for the customer.  Petzl’s GriGri2 recall was easy and painless.  Have a 3 minute phone conversation.  Print out a label. Drop a box off at a UPS store. Done. They quickly had me on my way back to climbing with a GriGri2.  Thanks to Petzl, the GriGri2 recall was barely a blip on my climbing radar this summer

If you have a GRIGRI 2 (D14 2O, D14 2G, D14 2B) with the first five digits of the serial number between 10326 and 11136 visit the recall page at PETZL.COM to initiate an exchange.

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  1. If you are in the US or Canada, there is a more specific site that gives you a few more options, including a link to an online form to fill out for even faster service: