Pemba Serves :: About

photo by: Steve Schultz

“Pemba” was a Tibetan yak-herder on the Wyoming Centennial Everest Expedition. He was an all-around good guy, gracious, and very helpful. His name means “The Faithful One,” “Saturday,” and “The One Who Will Not Fail.” He served the expedition well, and so we put “Serves” in the name of our company.

He was a good model to base our business on, and a good memory.

And now so are we: Pemba Serves has been a time and a place, a force of nature and force of business, and a veritable machine. But everything that has a beginning has an end, and we are done.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve and proud of the impact we had. We made many great friends and these friendships will continue. Most of us remain in the outdoor industry, although we have all gone on to bigger and better things. So you’ll see us around…

Thanks so much, and farewell.