Staff Gear Reviews

You work hard, you know you do. Your mother wanted you to be a doctor or a lawyer, and you decided to do this. You hear about it once a week on the phone, as well as at the Thanksgiving dinner table, every gosh-darn year.

It was a huge sacrifice, we know.

What makes it worthwhile? Why, the cheap gear, naturally! But what’s better than cheap? Why FREE, of course!

So, we wanted to put FREE on the table for you. Here’s how it works:

  • Use a proform to buy any product from any brand that we sell.
  • Write a review on that product.
  • If we like your review and post it on, we’ll reimburse you for the wholesale price of that product in PEMBAbucks.

Need inspiration? Check out this PETZL e+LITE review from Melanie at Moosejaw

(Yep, it’s THAT easy…)

What are these PEMBAbucks you speak of? PEMBAbucks are a form of currency we made up, just for you.

You can use PEMBAbucks to order any gear we serve for your shop at 50% off retail prices.

So, to recap:

  1. Buy Gear.
  2. Review Gear.
  3. Send Review To Us.
  4. Get PEMBAbucks.
  5. Buy More Gear.

Got it? Good!

Now get on it.