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What’s Your “Trekking Pole Trail”?

Following the "trail" in Willow Canyon

Following the "trail" in Willow Canyon

It’s that time of year in the shop. Customers with backpacking equipment lists bound for adventure start their journey in your store. We know the drill. Start with the boot fit. Next the pack fit. Then with the boots on and the pack loaded help them with all the other essentials. One item that’s usually found on the “optional” part of that list is trekking poles.

It can be easy to dismiss that “optional” item. Trekking poles can seem gimmicky, only for wussies or backpacker nerds. Plus it can be a $100+ “optional” item on that list. But after a great clinic as a shop employee and some “Trekking Pole Trails” of my own I’ve changed my mind.

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March Reviews: LEKI Trekking Poles

LEKI Corklite AERGON Speedlock

ROBONZA: Corklite Aergon Speedlock

“I have never owned hiking poles before. But call me a believer. When hiking up and down really rocky or steep terrain these are just so helpful. I would have never believed how much of a difference these make. You are much more stable on the descents, and you are more efficient on the uphills.”

Gear Junkie: Breaking Point: Trekking Pole Test

LEKI Carbon 4
“In normal use, the poles are durable. Indeed, I was the only person on Team who broke a pole. The other team members’ poles survived miles and miles of off-trail trekking and abuse. My moss scenarios were rare and unfortunate mishaps not often replicated in average outdoors situations.”