Pemba Serves at Michigan Ice Fest

We at Pemba Serves really have only one mission: We tell stories that get people outdoors.

Most of the time we tell stories about gear, the clothing, footwear and equipment that allows folks to have fun outside. But – more and more – we find ourselves sharing stories that anchor these things to real people and the events that change their lives. It’s this latter thing that excites us most.

We were founded on three principles: Creativity, Action, and Letters.

Creativity: This is something we serve up on a daily basis. We like to look at the world through our own lens. We get excited when others give us new perspectives on old problems. And, we do love to take on new problems with great new tools. But in all of these things we’re only limited by our creativity. So, in this sense there are no limits: Challenge us; inspire us; do both of these things, and we’re likely to pitch in.

Action: We do things outdoors. We like to hang out with people who do things outdoors, too. More than this, we’re inspired by those who are encouraging more people to get outdoors. The events that do this, these are the events we want to sponsor.

Letters: Telling stories that get people outside – yeah, we can say it – this is important to us. We’re looking to support people who are willing to do this. You don’t have to have your own Facebook page, you don’t have to Tweet, and you don’t have to have your own blog. (Okay, yep, all this helps.) But know that we’re going to ask you to help us tell your story, somehow. We make it easy, but you have to be willing.

Intrigued? Inspired? Psyched? We hope so. We provide support for three different classes of applicants:

Please fill out the appropriate application as completely as possible, and we’ll get back with you quickly.

Good luck, have fun, and thanks for finding us.