Mountain Guide & Blogger Mattie Sheafor reviewing PETZL Nomics

We here at Pemba Serves are looking to work with a few key creative types, for a variety of projects.

Are you?…

  • A writer?
  • Photographer?
  • Artist?
  • Web developer?

Do you?…

  • Play outdoors?
  • Have a blog?
  • Want to make a career in the Outdoor Industry and are looking for a place to start?

If you’re any or all of these things, please get in touch with us. There are a number of ways we can work together. And we’re always open to suggestion. (Well, some restrictions apply: We’re family-friendly, so we’ll leave it at that…)

Are you an outdoor athlete? We want to work with you, too. However, it would really help if you also were at least one of the things, above. There are lots of people who climb hard, ski hard, run hard, paddle hard, cycle hard, and play hard in other ways, too. We’re looking to create partnerships with those who can inspire others without talking about numbers (grades, angles, distances.) If that’s you, please – by all means – drop us a line…