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The PEMBAway: How We Handle E-Mail

Every quarter, we have a retreat here that we call the PEMBAway. We break out of our usual pattern for a bit, turn off the phones and the computers, and talk about important stuff. The title of this retreat is a play on words, really: It’s like “PEMBA away” and the “PEMBA way” all rolled into one. We’re away, and while we’re out we find and define our way.

“Our way?”

Well, the PEMBA way isn’t always the same way as what others might do. We do some things different. Some of y’all have noticed, and have asked. So, here begins a series of blog posts on what we do, and why:

Today started off with a bang – Our friend Elizabeth Castro (@Eliz_Castro on Twitter) posted an update on Facebook:
[Elizabeth C. Castro] wants to ask everyone what are their communications pet peeves at the office. Things like:
  1. Getting copied on too many “reply all” emails;
  2. Getting an email about something that should have been said in person;
  3. Using office email for humor — is this appropriate?
  4. Formal versus informal discussions.
I’m working on a presentation, and as usual, look to my friends to help me gather scientific research.

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